NEW Vendors

New Vendor ApPlication

Before applying:

** THE WCFM IS ESPECIALLY LOOKING FOR VENDORS THAT OFFER UNIQUE PRODUCTS THAT ARE NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED AT THE MARKET, including but not limited to, Jams, Jellies, Dairies, Value Added, Specialty Foods, etc. **

Please read the Rules and Bylaws of the Market, The rules are subject to change at any time during the season and vendors will be notified of these changes in writing.

WCFM requires that all vendors comply with standards of professionalism that promote open communication, mutual respect and the best interests of the market. Disruptive actions or remarks that undermine the shared success of any or all of our community of vendors are unprofessional and unacceptable. Failure to comply with these standards could result in suspension or removal from the Market.

For the WCFM to be successful, vendor attendance is necessary. Members must attend the market at least 24 out of 30 weeks in 2020 in order to qualify for a permanent space in 2021.

Each vendor participating in the Market shall be responsible for any loss, personal injury and/or damage that may occur as a result of the vendor’s actions and agrees to hold harmless the WCFM from any losses, damages, claims, suits or actions, judgments and attorney fees. Vendors are encouraged to maintain their own liability insurance.

Upon submission of your application, you agree to following terms:

I agree to allow representatives of the WCFM to visit the premises where the products I intend to sell are produced. I acknowledge that I have provided access on the website to a copy of the Rules for the WCFM and that I will abide by these rules. I understand my membership can be terminated for violation of any of the Rules.


PLEASE READ OUR RULES BEFORE SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION. The $25 application fee is due immediately upon submission. If you’d prefer to print and mail the application, along with a $25 check, please click HERE. Applications must be mailed or submitted along with the fee no later than DECEMBER 1st, 2019. You will be notified of the acceptance or denial of your application by email.

Owner's Name (Primary Contact) *
Owner's Name (Primary Contact)
Other Business Associate:
Other Business Associate:
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Primary Phone Number *
Primary Phone Number
Indicate all of your main product categories. The Market manager must be notified of any additional categories added during the season that are not indicated here:
Please try to list major crop groups.
For more detailed information about tax compliance including a link to a website where you can register with the NCDOR (
Planned Attendance: *
Is is the WCFM goal to have the most vendors and the greatest possible product diversity throughout the market season. Please check the boxes adjacent to the Saturdays that you expect to be in attendance: **Please note this chart does not fulfill the notification rule. You must still notify the Market Manager via email, phone or text by 5pm the Thursday before any Saturday that you will be absent.**
DOCUMENTATION: It is the vendors responsibility to comply with all applicable laws with respect to the production of their goods. WCFM requires documentation supporting all goods that are subject to regulation. Copies of all certifications must be uploaded or emailed to (even if you've submitted in years past). Any additional items added to your product line during the year MUST have supporting documentation on file with the Manager .
Please check the regulation(s) that applies to you:
Name: Email/Phone:
Name : Email/Phone:
Name: Email/Phone:
Please read to verfiy
Please check for the regulations.
BY SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION, I agree that I and ALL of my employees will comply with the following rule regarding parking:
5. General Provisions: a). Each Vendor will be limited to either a vehicle or trailer at their approved vendor space, any additional vehicle must be parked offsite from the Horn or Daniel Boone Native Gardens Lot. Vendor parking is allowed in the maintenance yard down the hill from the Horn and at FIRST CITIZENS BANK. Vendors should not block access to the maintenance yard when parking there. FAILURE to comply to this rule will result in a warning and then a $250 fine.

After you complete the application, kindly submit your $25 application fee by clicking following PayPal link